April 2013 - Dr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon

UK Gets Tough On Cosmetic Surgery

The UK Keogh report, released this week, is an attempt to clampdown on a largely unregulated industry. It has implications in the New Zealand Cosmetic Surgery sector too. The UK review followed the PIP implant scandal, where faulty breast implants were given to...Read more

Breast Augmentation Still Popular

Despite concerns last year over the PIP branded breast implants, breast augmentation surgery – or a ‘boob job’ – is still one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. New Zealand has been at the forefront of patient safety when it comes to breast surgery....Read more

Male Breast Reduction Explained

Enlarged male breasts are caused by a medical condition known as ‘gynaecomastia’, which can cause untold embarrassment and stress. Many men in New Zealand suffer from the condition with some estimates as high as 40%. And it’s not just older men with excess weight –...Read more

Cosmetic Surgery Among Men Grows In Popularity

With more and more high profile male celebrities confessing to having cosmetic procedures such as filler injections, Botox, liposuction and ‘moob’ jobs many other, less famous men, breathed a sigh of relief. Because it seems like more and more men are reaping the...Read more