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Dr Gittos calls for FAIR access to Breast Reduction Surgery in Auckland

Breast Reduction is NOT just a cosmetic procedure – it’s a beneficial CORRECTIVE reconstructive procedure to relieve women from the pain and physical and social discomforts of having very large, pendulous breasts that cause neck pain, shoulder pain, bra strap dig ins and postural back pain symptoms due to heavy breast volume.

“Patients have not been getting fair access to breast reduction surgery based on the year that they are referred, the region in which they live nor their conditions” so says a study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Breast reduction surgery can significantly improve the quality of a woman’s life and brings many benefits, such as mobility, confidence and better relationships. It can eliminate bad back problems and neck pain as well as open up new avenues in life, such as exercise.

The study said: “Future demand for health services will result in a greater number of patients going without surgical treatment.  The challenge for the sector is to ensure that patients are treated fairly, irrespective of their particular condition.”

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Recovery and Operation Time (Breast Reduction)

Find out about Surgery and RECOVERY after Breast Reduction by Dr Mark Gittos, a world-renowned Breast Surgeon and FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon with expertise and skill in attaining a natural shape after reducing the size of large breasts and misshapen nipples. Asymmetry corrections can also be accomplished through Reduction Mammoplasty techniques.

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Dr Mark Gittos offers natural-looking cosmetic plastic surgery results and is highly experienced in Breast, Body and Face Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries. He is a caring surgeon and committed to delivering a top quality patient experience. With worldwide expertise, Dr Gittos is experienced in breast, face and body surgery for both men & women. He also performs Skin Cancer and Hand Surgery in his rooms.

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