Tummy Tuck for Men by Dr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon

Male tummy tuck or male abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the tummy, giving it a more pleasing contour. Dr Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who offers the procedures of both a Tummy Tuck and  Extended Tummy Tuck to his male patients. These surgeries can offer the most benefit in re-contouring your body and giving it the desired shape after weight loss.

Download Dr Mark Gittos’ Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery – Abdominoplasty

Guide Tummy Tuck

What Is a Male Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty is the answer to most men’s problem of an overhanging belly. It is a surgical procedure that removes some fatty tissues and any loose skin found on the tummy. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the shape, size and firmness of the belly and it can tighten the abdominal muscles. If your problem appears also on the sides of the flanks and hips, then an Extended tummy tuck might be a better option for you.

An extended tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that extends the area in which the tummy tuck procedure is performed. It includes the abdomen or the tummy, the hips and the sides of the back to give your body a more youthful, athletic appearance. Both surgeries are a great solution to get rid of any residual tummy fat and saggy skin, with the extended tummy tuck being able to remove love handles as well.

Male Tummy Tuck

What Are The Benefits Of a Tummy Tuck for Men

A tummy tuck procedure yields a lot of benefits for anybody who is overweight and has tried to tone up in the gym but has a little bit of stubborn fat and saggy skin left over. Improved looks, improved self-esteem, confidence and more will to participate in social activities are all the benefits that a male abdominoplasty can yield for you. Patients report feeling and looking happier and healthier after abdominoplasty surgery.

About the Male Tummy Tuck Procedure

Once in the surgical theatre, you will be put in general anaesthesia and Dr Gittos will make incisions between your belly button and the pubic area. The skin is then lifted and stitches are used to tighten the abdominal muscles, especially if you have split abs. The extra fatty tissues are removed, a new hole for the belly button is made, skin stretched to tighten it and then the excess skin is cut off. The incision is closed and the surgical procedure is over.

Recovery After Male Tummy Tuck

During the first few days after the surgery, you may expect the feeling of tightness in the abdominal area, discomfort and some swelling to appear. These are all normal post-op signs and they subside over time. Your specialised plastic surgeon will take good care that the discomfort is minimised and that the swelling is kept at bay – you will be instructed to take pain relievers regularly and to wear a compression garment to reduce the swelling. In the upcoming weeks, some physical activity can slowly be resumed to increase the blood flow and speed up the recovery process. As time progresses, you will be able to take up more and more strenuous activities, although any heavy lifting and particularly tiring activities should be avoided for the first 6 weeks post-op. Consult with your male tummy tuck surgeon for any details or concerns you may have.

Minimising Scars After Tummy Tuck

Minimising male tummy tuck scars is possible. As with any other surgical procedure, a tummy tuck leaves scars that may or may not be too apparent. To minimise the scar appearance, make sure to avoid direct sunlight, always have SPF on the scar and the adjacent area, avoid tobacco and enjoy regular exercise and a healthy diet. You may also consult with Dr Mark Gittos about Scar Revision Procedures.

Longer-Term Results

A man tummy tuck is meant to be a permanent solution for loose, saggy skin and the last few stubborn pounds. If you deviate from a healthy, well-balanced diet, if you gain and lose weight regularly, you may again experience the formation of an apron belly. To ensure long-lasting results, you should limit your caloric intake, exercise regularly and stay disciplined about your health and your looks.

Am I A Good Candidate For Male Tummy Tuck?

You may be a good candidate for a men’s tummy tuck surgical procedure if you:

  • have a history of big weight fluctuations,
  • have an apron belly as a result of these fluctuations,
  • are unhappy with the way your belly looks,
  • are timid in private moments with your partner,
  • limit yourself from participating in some social activities due to embarrassment,
  • have lost a significant amount of weight,
  • do not smoke,
  • have a healthy diet,
  • have toned up in the gym and would like a touch up for a more athletic look.

Male Tummy Tuck Costs – How Much Is Tummy Tuck In New Zealand?

Prices for a male tummy tuck in New Zealand vary a lot. Make sure to avoid suspiciously low prices since they may often signal a surgical procedure of compromised quality and/or safety. Dr Mark Gittos charges some $15k to $24k for a Full Abdominoplasty, $20k-$25k for an Extended abdominoplasty and some $25k-$35k for a full-body lift. To get an exact price, you can contact Dr Mark Gittos‘ team and schedule an appointment.

Prices do vary significantly depending on location and experience. You can expect the price range to go from NZD $9,000 for a basic lower-quality procedure up to NZD $35,000 for a high-quality, all-inclusive type of surgery performed by a seasoned plastic surgeon. Around New Zealand, the expected price range is from NZD 15,000 to NZD 25,000 for a full male tummy tuck.

Funding Your Tummy Tuck

In most cases, insurance will not cover your elective surgery costs. If you have top-tier health insurance, you may apply to have some hospital-related expenses paid for. If you are not eligible for this sort of coverage, some funding options offered by Nova Medical Finance may be an appropriate solution for you. Make sure to do your research before venturing into the surgery theatre.

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

Yes. Men who have undergone a male abdominoplasty report feeling happier and overall better. Reduced weight and saggy skin are sure to make you feel and look better and be healthier. Improved mood, self-esteem and confidence levels alone are worth the surgery.

Male Tummy Tuck

FAQs about Male Tummy Tuck

What is a male tummy tuck?

  • The male tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes extra skin and fat tissue from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles. It is best coupled with significant weight loss and spot liposuction.

How much do you have to weigh to get a tummy tuck?

  • A male tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss and healthy eating habits. Your specialised plastic surgeon will most likely recommend that you are some 10-15 pounds over your desired weight.

Can you lose hanging belly fat without surgery?

  • A Hanging belly cannot be treated non-surgically.

How old do you have to be to get a tummy tuck?

  • There are no age restrictions to a tummy tuck procedure. Younger patients should bear in mind that the results are not permanent and that the saggy belly and loose skin will return with significant weight fluctuations. Older patients should be aware that some chronic conditions can negatively affect their eligibility for the surgical procedure and may prolong the recovery time.

Will a tummy tuck give me a flat stomach?

  • Yes. A tummy tuck can be a life-changing surgical procedure that removes extra fat and loose skin and leaves you with a flat belly and tight abs.

Can you get a six-pack after a tummy tuck?

  • A tummy tuck cannot give you a six-pack. It can expose the muscles that are already there by removing the fat that may be on top of them, but a six-pack is usually more easily achieved with a combination of regular exercise and a tummy tuck.

Why is my stomach not flat after a tummy tuck?

  • For up to two weeks (longer in some patients), you will experience swelling in the area where the tummy tuck was performed. After the swelling subsides, you may still experience a belly that is not flat if: there is significant laxity of the abdominal muscles, you have a high visceral fat content or if you gain weight post-op. Remember that men’s tummy tuck does not guarantee that you will not gain weight after the surgical procedure.

Can you gain belly fat after a tummy tuck?

  • Yes. While male tummy tuck removes some of the fat tissue, it does not remove all the fat cells, which can still increase in volume as you gain weight.

What does your BMI have to be to get a tummy tuck?

  • The best range of BMI for a man tummy tuck is up to 30, although your surgeon may decide to operate on you with a BMI as high as 35.

What is a full tummy tuck?

  • A full tummy tuck includes an incision between your pubic area and the belly button, removal of extra, saggy tummy skin, fatty tissues underneath and the reparation of the abdominal muscles. The remaining skin is then put back in place and sutured.

What is a 360 tummy tuck?

  • A 360 male tummy tuck is an abdominoplasty surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat deposits and loose skin from the male tummy, hips and back for very satisfying results and dramatic changes in the male body contour.

Which is better a tummy tuck or liposuction?

  • Whether a tummy tuck or liposuction is better depends on your expectations and your state. Liposuction is best for the removal of smaller quantities of fat tissues from targeted areas. Liposuction does not remove any loose skin. A male tummy tuck procedure removes fat deposits, as well as extra skin and tightens the abdominal muscles.

How much weight do you lose with a tummy tuck?

  • Ideally, you should not lose more than some 4 to 7 kg with a tummy tuck procedure, although sometimes more weight can be removed with an extended male tummy tuck or a 360 male tummy tuck. If combined with a liposuction procedure, arm or thigh lift, weight loss can be significantly higher.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

  • How painful a man’s tummy tuck is depends on several factors, including hereditary factors. In general, the first week means higher discomfort for you, while already in the second week you can expect significant improvement in discomfort and pain. If this is of concern to you, speak with your specialised plastic surgeon, Dr Mark Gittos and he will recommend appropriate pain relievers.

How long is a tummy tuck recovery?

  • Recovery times are individual and vary from one case to another. You will be wearing a compression garment or a binder for at least six weeks to reduce the chances of any fluid buildup or swelling. During this period, you should also try to avoid any strenuous physical activity, heavy lifting and in general, any other activity which may compromise the wound and the sutures, as well as exercise your abdominal muscles too much.

How long will I be hunched over after tummy tuck?

  • The feeling of tightness and apparent inability to stand completely upward without some degree of discomfort in the abdominal area is a normal occurrence for the first few days after the men’s tummy tuck surgical procedure.

How can you tell if someone has had a tummy tuck?

  • Scars are a telltale sign of a tummy tuck procedure. In case this worries you, there are Scar Revision Procedures that may aid with the appearance of the scar tissue. Normally, scars are placed in a difficult-to-see area covered by swim shorts or underwear.

Surgeries Commonly Combined with a Tummy Tuck for men

Depending on your case and the extent of your male tummy tuck surgery to be performed, you may choose to couple a Male abdominoplasty procedure with another skin reduction or body contouring surgical procedure to better utilise the time spent in the surgical theatre. Male abdominoplasty is frequently combined with other similar surgeries, such as Liposculpture, Arm Lift or Brachioplasty, Thigh Lift, or even Male Breast Reduction Surgery. Dr Mark Gittos will be able to properly assess your case and provide the right information on how and which procedures can be combined in your case.

Planning Your Tummy Tuck Patient Journey

Do your research: find the best specialist plastic surgeon, schedule an appointment and have your case assessed by a professional pair of eyes. The Dr may ask you about your medical history, so make sure you have all the details prepared. Make sure to understand the way that the procedure is carried out and follow the pre and post-op instructions to the letter.

Finding The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In New Zealand?

Some overseas surgeons may offer lower prices, but at a compromised quality of the procedure or a compromised safety for the patient. The same situation applies to New Zealand and Australia, so do your research about these procedures beforehand. A good surgeon will be a specialised plastic surgeon, will have a lot of experience in the field and a good supporting team during the surgery.

Why Choose Dr Mark Gittos as your Plastic Surgeon?

Dr Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast) is a specialist plastic surgeon who has ample experience in the field of plastic surgery. He has a great supporting team and can operate in hospitals, guaranteeing your safety and satisfactory results of the surgical procedure that he should perform on you. Contact Dr Mark Gittos and schedule your appointment.

Tummy Tuck Glossary

  • Tummy Tuck – a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin and fatty tissues from the belly,
  • Abdominoplasty – Abdominal surgery to remove skin – from a small amount to circumferential or Fleur De Lis
  • Extended Tummy Tuck – a surgical procedure aimed at removing saggy skin and fat deposits from your belly and the hips,
  • 360 Tummy Tuck – a tummy tuck procedure aimed at removing excess skin and fatty deposits from your tummy, hips and back,
  • Fleur de Lis Tummy Tuck – similar to a 360 Tummy tuck procedure, this technique removes a belt of skin around your entire perimeter with an additional vertical incision being made to remove extra skin in the side to side direction after massive weight loss,
  • General Anaesthesia – Drugs and/or gasses given to the patient to alter consciousness and relieve pain,
  • Sedation – drugs administered orally or intravenously to relieve pain and alter consciousness,
  • Sutures – stitches used by a surgeon to close any incision sites,
  • Incision – a cut in the skin done by a surgeon.

Risk & Complications Of Tummy Tuck for Men

Male tummy tuck risks are rare but they do happen. This is a normal occurrence with any type of surgical procedure. Male abdominoplasty risks and complications include, but are not limited to:

  • pain,
  • discomfort,
  • swelling,
  • overscarification,
  • seratoma – excess fluid collection beneath the skin,
  • tissue damage and necrosis,
  • reduced sensitivity,
  • prolonged recovery 

All of these risks should emphasise the importance of choosing a specialised plastic surgeon to carry out your male tummy tuck surgical procedure in a hospital environment following the highest of standards when it comes to cleanliness, staff expertise and equipment availability.

Download Dr Mark Gittos’ Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery – Abdominoplasty

Guide Tummy Tuck

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