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Facial Implants Auckland

Facial Implants Auckland

Facial implants may enhance balance and harmony between facial features. There is a whole range of procedures available for all parts of the face. Some are as simple as a fat injection to fill out and rejuvenate the face. Others, such as moving the jawbone forward and fixing it in place, are more complicated. We have the breadth of skill and experience to ensure that you receive the best advice and the most successful treatment.

Implant options

To plump out the upper and lower lips the permalip silicone implants provide a soft, safe and natural looking lip enhancement which prevents the need for regular injections with fillers.

To enhance the chin there are, for example, a number of options. A small solid silicone implant may provide a simple solution-this is usually placed by an incision hidden in the mouth behind the lower lip. More involved and complex procedures such as genioplasty mean moving the chinbone forwards and fixing it in place.

Cheekbones can be augmented in different ways too. The injection of soft tissue fillers or the transfer of your own fat -stem cells may be an effective treatment. However silicone cheek implants and more complicated upper jaw surgery are sometimes more optimal solutions for very flat cheek bones.

Facial Chin Implants