Breast Reconstructive Surgery | Dr Mark Gittos | Plastic Surgeon NZ

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

We specialize in Breast Reconstructive Surgery which aims to restore our patients’ breast anatomy to an optimal size, shape, position, feel and symmetry.

These standard techniques are useful for the vast majority of women who present with Breast Cancer, Breast Trauma or Problems with Breast Development from birth.

In the case of Breast Cancer patients we believe in Immediate Skin and Nipple sparing Breast Reconstruction whenever this is a safe option. The aim is for our patient to wake up wearing her bra with a reassuringly natural and even bust.

These operations are performed with the patient asleep (General Anaesthesia) and take several hours to complete. Extra tummy skin and fat may be used for breast reconstruction with the bonus that the patient also has a tighter flatter abdomen afterwards (Tram/DIEP Flap). Expandable breast implants and back muscle/skin(Latissimus Dorsi) may also be used to achieve excellent results. Sometimes the best and final result requires one main procedure and a fine adjustment operation at later date.

Hospital stay is for several days. Occasionally there will be a little bruising, swelling and discomfort for a few days post op for which we prescribe painkillers, rest and night sedation as required.

Dissolving stitches are usually used, which leave no external marks and do not have to be removed. Weekly follow up appointments are arranged for our patients to ensure everything is healing well, to check that for discomfort and to answer any questions arising from the operation.

It is very important to relax when you get home and to avoid stretching, pulling, heavy lifting or hard exercise for at least six weeks. The final results may well take 12 months or more to show and it is important to take care of yourself in the early postoperative stages to maximize the surgeon’s efforts and to optimize your result.