UK Gets Tough On Cosmetic Surgery | Dr Mark Gittos | Plastic Surgeon NZ

beer-bellyThe UK Keogh report, released this week, is an attempt to clampdown on a largely unregulated industry. It has implications in the New Zealand Cosmetic Surgery sector too.

The UK review followed the PIP implant scandal, where faulty breast implants were given to thousands of woman.

Keogh’s review has called for compulsory registration and better training in industry. It is also highly critical of industry advertising and special offers as well as the celebrity culture surrounding procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and breast augmentation.

Sir Bruce said: ‘At the heart of this report is the person who chooses to have a cosmetic procedure.We have heard terrible reports about a person who has trusted a cosmetic practitioner but, when things have gone wrong, have been left high and dry. These people have not had the safety net that those using the NHS have. This needs to change.’

His report said the rules have been outstripped by the booming sector, which increased five-fold in value from 2005-2010 to £2.3billion.

The New Zealand cosmetic surgery industry should take note – the report is about trying to increase the safety of people undergoing cosmetic surgery – and this can only be a good thing.