Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty by Dr Mark Gittos in Auckland New Zealand

Whether by exercise, dieting, or bariatric surgeries, losing a large amount of weight may result in loose and saggy skin. We understand that this can negatively impact self-image and be a tremendous burden both physically and psychologically. An Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation that involves the excision of excess skin and abdominal tissue to restore a taut figure. For many people, a full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is not effective enough to contour their abdominal region, especially when a considerable amount of weight is lost and a Belt Lipectomy or Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty may be more suitable..

For patients with an extreme amount of loose skin, we recommend Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty. A standard tummy tuck involves a horizontal incision along the bikini line while Fleur De Lis includes an additional vertical incision down the center of the abdomen. This results in a tauter and better-sculpted waist as skin is excised and tightened from side to side as well as from up and down. This tummy tuck procedure is named after the Fleur De Lis symbol because scarring resembles a three lobe fleur de lis pattern.

Fleur De Lis Surgery Candidate - Dr Mark Gittos Best Plastic Surgeon NZ

Ideal candidates for Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

Please NOTE: Dr Gittos only performs surgery on non-smoker patients with a BMI less than 28. To check your BMI please visit the NZ Heart Foundation website. For help giving up smoking before surgery visit the Smoke Free website

If you have a lot of excess skin in your midsection following extreme weight loss, a Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty may be the ideal choice for you. It is perfect for people with lots of unwanted skin due to weight loss or even after multiple pregnancies. Candidates often have upper abdomen laxity and skin that hangs over hips and sides.  Patients who are leaning towards Fleur De Lis tummy tuck are ideally in good health, a non-smoker, and at a stable weight. Patients should also commit to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery to benefit most from the procedure. If you are interested in Fleur De Lis abdominoplasty, book your consultation with Dr Mark Gittos today to learn more.

What are some benefits of Fleur De Lis?

  • Fleur De Lis tummy tuck is the only surgical operation that tightens the skin of the entire abdomen. It involves both horizontal and vertical abdominal skin excision.
  • In comparison with other tummy tuck techniques, Fleur De Lis abdominoplasty usually results in a tauter and better-contoured figure.
  • Patients demonstrate high satisfaction rates and it can improve both self-confidence and mobility.
  • It results in a narrower waist and a flatter abdomen making wearing certain clothes less uncomfortable.

How is a Fleur De Lis performed?

Procedure Fleur De Lis New Zealand - Dr Mark Gittos Best Plastic Surgeon NZ

It is understandable to have some concerns when considering any surgical procedure. To ease your worries, we will explain the procedure in a step-like manner:

  • Prior to surgery, your plastic surgeon will carry out a complete physical examination to determine the amount of excess skin and if abdominal muscle weakness is present. This will determine if you are a good candidate for this operation or if other procedures are also recommended. The steps of the procedure will also be discussed for a better understanding of what to expect.
  • The procedure often lasts up to 3 hours and is conducted while under general anesthesia. A consultation with an anesthesiologist may be expected.
  • 2 incisions are made, a horizontal one right above the pubic bone and a vertical one running along the mid-abdomen. How long the vertical incision is will depend on how far upwards skin laxity extends. In some patients, it may extend above the umbilicus.
  • Undesired skin and some fat are removed, skin is repositioned, abdominal muscles tightened, and belly button reconstructed.
  • After anesthesia wears off, patients may move around and eat freely.
  • Patients often stay overnight or for a few days for observation before discharge.
  • Some post-operative appointments should be expected for scar evaluation and assessment of recovery progress.

About the Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty Surgery

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will be encouraged to discuss your body goals and your hopes from a tummy tuck procedure. After physical examination, your surgeon may suggest Fleur De Lis tummy tuck if you are an ideal candidate. You may also be advised to consider other associated procedures for a best possible result.

A run-down of the steps of the procedure will be provided as well as any instructions to keep in mind for surgery preparation. You may also voice your concerns, discuss risks, and be informed on what should be expected post-op.


As expected with any surgery, a scar will remain. Fleur De Lis tummy tuck usually leaves behind an inverted T-shaped scar, running down the mid-abdomen and across the bikini line. Over time, scarring often fades, especially with the assistance compression garments which should be worn for a few weeks post-surgery.

Recovery time

Although recovery time is subjective, majority of patients recover within 2-4 weeks. Patients are usually discharged within a few days and are able to eat and walk as soon as anesthesia wears off. Pain medication may be required for possible abdominal discomfort.

Weekly wound cleaning and redressing at the clinic should be expected, and in some cases, a temporary drain may be placed and routinely emptied. A drain may be placed especially if a liposuction was also done. Showers are allowed soon after surgery, but sponge baths may be a more comfortable alternative during the first few days.

Immediately post-surgery, it is advised to avoid strenuous activities which may slow down recovery. This includes exercising, sports, heavy lifting, and chores. It is advised for patients to wear a corset for 3 to 4 weeks post-op. Most patients can resume exercise by the 4th week. However, it should be kept in mind that some weakness and physical limitations may be observed up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Fleur De Lis Before and After Photos

Abdominoplasty Photos can be seen in the rooms.

Download Dr Mark Gittos’ Guide to Labiaplasty

Guide to Labiaplasty

Fleur De Lis Surgery Results: Is it worth it?

The results of a Fleur De Lis abdominoplasty are immediately noticeable post-op. Although the vertical incision is not easily concealed, most patients do not mind the additional scar and are very satisfied with the results.

Bruising and discoloration often takes up to a month to fully disappear. Additionally, swelling may take 3 to 4 months to fully subside. Upon which the results of a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck can be fully appreciated. Abdominal appearance continues to improve throughout recovery and progressively boosts positive self-image and confidence. As proven by high satisfaction rates, Fleur De Lis tummy tuck is definitely worth it.

If you think Fleur De Lis tummy tuck may be for you, book a consultation with Dr Mark Gittos to discuss your hopes and expectations.

Additional Surgeries – Procedures that can be combined with Fleur De Lis Surgery

Fleur De Lis tummy tuck mainly involves the removal of excess skin and some fat from the upper and lower abdomen. For better results and achieving your body goals, some other procedures often accompany it.

  • Liposuction: Lipo is often performed before any tummy tuck technique and involves the removal of excess fat by suction. It is not an alternative to weight loss and does not remove large amounts of fat. However, it does improve results of tummy tuck and enhances abdominal contouring.
  • Back Lift: It involves the removal of skin and fat from the back and provides drastic results when performed with Fleur De Lis. It results in a thin scar along the bra line
  • Arm Lift or Thigh Lift to remove excess skin
  • Breast Surgery for excess skin like a Breast Reduction

Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty or FDL tummy tuck: FAQs

FAQ Fleur De Lis New Zealand - Dr Mark Gittos Best Plastic Surgeon NZ

Is Fleur De Lis tummy tuck a weight-loss alternative?

  • Fleur De Lis tummy tuck is primarily chosen for the removal of excess skin after extreme weight loss. Although it may include the removal of some fat it is not a weight-loss alternative. It helps to better define body figure, not reduce its size.

What is the difference between standard tummy tuck and Fleur De Lis abdominoplasty?

  • A traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck only involves the removal of skin from the lower abdomen and a single horizontal scar. While Fleur De Lis tummy tuck removes skin from both the horizontal and vertical planes, tightening skin from both the upper and lower abdomen. It leaves behind 2 scars, a vertical scar in the center of the abdomen and a horizontal scar along the bikini line.

What is the difference between tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and liposuction?

Liposuction only removes excess fat while tummy tuck removes excess skin and reconstructs underlying muscles. Liposuction is not useful for skin tightening nor is tummy tuck useful for weight-loss. These procedures are often performed together if both fat and skin is to be removed.

What does a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck scar look like?

  • Like a traditional tummy tuck, Fleur De Lis tummy tuck leaves behind a scar. Since it involves 2 incisions, a horizontal incision above the pubic bone and a vertical incision down the mid-abdomen, an upside-down T shaped scar is expected. Both horizontal and vertical scars are about 15-25cm long. Horizontal scars can be concealed easily as it lies low but hiding the vertical scar may be a challenge. Most patients are happy with Fleur De Lis results and do not mind the additional scar.

When can I start driving after a Fleur De Lis tummy tuck surgery?

  • Driving can usually be resumed by the second week after the procedure, but it is not advised to drive for long distances. It is recommended to only resume driving once pain medication is stopped.

When can I resume exercising after Fleur De Lis tummy tuck surgery?

  • Light exercise may be resumed by the third- or fourth-week post-op and normal more strenuous exercise may be performed by the sixth week. To help recovery and limit recovery time, strenuous activity should be avoided a few weeks following the procedure.

How old do I have to be to have a Fleur De Lis abdominoplasty?

  • Any legal adult, typically between the age of 18 and 69, or above, may opt for Fleur De Lis tummy tuck provided that no age-related comorbidities are present.

Complications and Risks of Fleur De Lis Surgery

Fleur De Lis tummy tuck has proven to be safe and effective with complication rates similar to traditional tummy tuck. Just as with any surgery, some rare side effects may be experienced such as thick scarring, infection, hematoma or heavy bleeding, abdominal asymmetry, nerve damage, and prolonged pain. The complication of sensation loss is uncommon and often returns over time.

It should be kept in mind that these side effects are rare; especially when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. In order to prevent such complications and fully appreciate your toned abdomen, it is important to abide by post-operative instructions.

Further reading – Medical References:

How much does a FDL Abdominoplasty Cost? – Fleur De Lis Surgery Price & fees

All Abdominoplasty Surgery is customised and Dr Gittos will give you a price for your surgery depending on the specific type of procedure you are having, the hospital you attend and the length of your stay. After your initial consultation, you will be given a detailed quote. This will include a Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee (if req)  and the hospital fees. We can also provide information on FDL Abdominoplasty Health Insurance and different methods of payment.

Finding a FDL Abdominoplasty Surgeon in New Zealand

It is important to research your Surgeon’s qualifications and experience before deciding on your Surgeon. Make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon. Always seek a second opinion.

Why Choose Dr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon?

If you are thinking of travelling overseas for surgery, remember that not all Surgeons have the same experience or intensive training and testing qualifications. Be sure you learn the differences between a Plastic Surgeon, a General Surgeon, a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’, a Dermatologist and other types of Doctors. Choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon means you are choosing an accredited recognised plastic surgeon that can  perform surgery in an accredited hospital.

Dr Mark Gittos is a highly experienced, fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon with current FRACS memberships

What happens during the first consultation with Dr Gittos?

Dr Gittos will perform a physical examination and assess the degree of skin laxity, skin excess and abdominal wall weakness. You will discuss your expectations and goals and decide the type of abdominoplasty, including other associated procedures, that is most ideal for you. You will be given options and a quote for surgery if required.

About Dr Mark Gittos FRACS (Plast) – New Zealand Plastic Surgeon 

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Dr Mark Gittos is a leading Specialist Plastic Surgeon and operates a practice in Herne Bay, Auckland and in the UK. The practice focuses on both surgical and non-surgical procedures, each designed to help restore, improve or change a physical characteristic or problem. The first step in every case is to talk through your personal requirements and explore all the options, before deciding on the most effective solution.

Dr Mark Gittos offers high quality, natural-looking cosmetic surgery results and is highly experienced in BreastBody and Face Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries in the last 26 years.  With worldwide expertise Dr Gittos is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men & women. 

Naturally, before any treatment is begun, we will explain clearly the advantages and risk factors; so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision that is best for you. Visit the practice to find out more.


Please NOTE: Dr Gittos only performs surgery on non-smoker patients with a BMI less than 30. To check your BMI please visit the NZ Heart Foundation website. For help giving up smoking before surgery visit the Smoke Free website

Do your Research

What to Bring to your Plastic Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • Dress in simple clothes as you may need to undress for examination
  • Bring your medical referral and any relevant medical documents or test results

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