Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery in Auckland NZ by Dr Mark Gittos

What are inverted nipples?

Inverted Nipples are nipples that are non-projecting, hidden or withdrawn. Inverted nipples differ according to their severity, there are three grades of nipple inversion severity:

  1. Grade I: the least severe grade, where nipples are inverted but can be easily stimulated for projection and stay protruding for a long time. Does not need surgical repair normally. Milk ducts in this case are normal.
  2. Grade II: more severe than grade I, where nipples hardly pulled out temporarily with stimulation. Milk ducts are mildly retracted. Surgical correction is recommended.
  3. Grade III: the most severe case where nipples do not respond to even strong stimulation. Surgical correction is strongly recommended.

There are surgical and non-surgical solutions for inverted nipples.

What is inverted nipple surgery?

Inverted nipple correction is a surgical procedure that aims to repair and improve retracted “shy” nipples into more protruding, normal-looking nipples.

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery can be performed to increase the projection of one or both nipples to achieve more symmetrical satisfying breasts and overall harmony of the chest area. Though there are well known non-surgical solutions for such cases, they are not usually permanent and not always suitable for all grades of nipple inversion. Surgery is mostly permanent and can correct all grades of inversion.

inverted nipple surgery dr mark gittos

What Causes inverted Nipples?

Inverted Nipples are mostly congenital, meaning that it is present from birth. It may be acquired from previous breast surgery, breastfeeding, infection in milk ducts, or mammary carcinoma. 2%-10%  of women have inverted nipples. It could be unilateral or bilateral.

Congenital nipple inversion may be due to fibrous bands retracting the milk ducts near the base of the nipple or other internal structures holding the nipple inwward.

Am I a candidate for inverted nipple repair surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for nipple enhancement procedures if you are:

  • Have one or both inverted nipples which are always retracted.
  • A healthy woman, maintaining a healthy stable weight.
  • Non-smoker person, or willing to give up smoking for at least six weeks before and after surgery.
  • Have realistic expectations of surgical results.
  • Experiencing irritation, rash, and discomfort accompanied by nipples inversion.
  • Finding difficulties breastfeeding or can’t breastfeed due to your nipple inversion.
  • Extremely unsatisfied and self-conscious about how your nipples look.

Please be aware of the fact that: most inverted nipples cases are congenital, or acquired due to breastfeeding, or former breast surgery. an unexpected appearance of nipple inversion could be an early sign of breast cancer. you can always consult Dr Gittos about your concerns.

What are the benefits of nipple enhancement surgery?

  • An easy procedure that can greatly retain self-confidence.
  • Performed in less than 60 minutes and can be done in the Surgeon’s office.
  • Mostly permanent procedure.
  • Enhance self-image and resolve intimacy issues.
  • Enhance overall life quality.
  • Can be performed solely or in combination with other breast surgeries, such as breast enhancement and breast lift.

About Nipple Repair Surgery – What can I expect?

Nipple correction surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic as minor in rooms surgery. It takes about 30-60 minutes. You can go home a few hours later and save yourself hospital costs. Some patients prefer going under general anaesthetic. That may take a longer time to get back to your daily routine and require extra hospital stay fees. In both cases, you will feel no pain during the procedure.

Still, nipple correction surgery is an invasive procedure. It includes incision at the base of nipples, across them, or around the areola. The incision area is determined according to the degree of inversion and/or the cause of the inversion. In all cases, the incision aims to set retracted nipples free and gives them a natural projecting look. Results can be observed right away.

Also, keep in mind that generally, nipple inversion correction surgery does not need revisional surgery. However, like any other surgical procedure, the revisional procedure may be needed to adjust some abnormalities such as; minor asymmetry, recurrence, or scars.

Recovery after Nipple enhancement surgery

Recovery after the correction of nipples inversion is usually quick and easy. You can resume your everyday activities within 24-48 hours. Showering is allowed the day after surgery. Normal nipple sensation is regained immediately or in some cases within several days.

The Sutures used are either removable which can be removed within a week or two or dissolvable that do not need removal.  Swelling may last for several weeks, minimal pain or mild discomfort might be there too. This can be eliminated using pain medications.

Extensive exercise and activities are not recommended for the first couple of weeks after the surgery.

Dr. Gittos’ approach to recovery is to do whatever he can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. He and the team are dedicated to keeping you as comfortable as possible during your pre-operative sessions, your surgical procedure, and your healing & recovery time following surgery.

Minimizing scars after Inverted Nipple Correction

Scarring after an invasive surgical procedure is unavoidable. Dr. Gittos will always do everything to keep scars minimized and not noticeable. Scars may fade away and become barely noticeable over time.

Longer-term results after Inverted Nipple Surgery

One of the outstanding privileges of inverted nipple correction surgery is its long-lasting outcome. Not only patients can observe the procedure’s results right away, but also may keep these results for life. Recurrence is rare, but if it happens, revisional surgery can be performed to retain normal nipple projection.

Risks and complications of inverted nipple correction surgery

Though nipple correction is a minor, safe, and simple surgical procedure, still some potential risks and complications should be considered.

Like any invasive surgical procedures, some complications may arise such as Hematoma, Allergy, Infection, Swelling and pain at the operation site.

Other nipple related risks may include:

  • Alteration in nipples and breasts sensation.
  • Breastfeeding problems.
  • Recurrence of inverted nipples.
  • Need further surgeries to correct minor abnormalities.

For more information about Risks and complications of surgery

Inverted nipples correction surgery – Is it worth it?

Realself Ratings for inverted nipples enhancement worth is 100% worth it according to patients’ reviews after undergoing the surgical procedures. They were satisfied and self-confident about their nipples’ new look. According to patients’ reviews, it’s affordable easy surgical procedures compared to its outcome.

How much is inverted Nipple Surgery in NZ?

All Surgery is customised and Dr Gittos will give you a price for Inverted Nipple surgery depending on the type of procedure you are having, and whether it is done in rooms or in the hospital.

After your initial consultation, you will be given a detailed quote. This will include your Plastic Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetist fee (if req for GA),  and procedure facility fees / hospital fees.

We also provide information on a payment plan plus other different ways to pay for Nipple Surgery surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inverted Nipple Surgery:

Will I be able to breastfeed after Nipple correction surgery?

  • Breastfeeding after surgery depends on the technique used to conduct the procedure.
  • There are mostly two techniques used for nipple correction, either stretching technique that would keep your milk ducts intact or dividing technique where milk ducts have to be divided to undo nipple inversion.
  • Nipple inversion grade greatly determines the technique used in performing surgery.
  • Do not hesitate to consult Dr. Gitto about your concern about breastfeeding after surgery. Dr.Gittos will do everything possible to preserve the ability to breastfeed. He will talk to you about your options so you can make a clear decision about performing the surgery.

When can I wear normal bras after nipple correction surgery?

  • Post nipple correction surgery, your surgeon may ask you to wear a specific post-surgical bra during the recovery period. This bra functions to keep your breasts in place while your scars are healing.

 How can I sleep comfortably after nipple correction surgery?

  • There will be swelling and mild discomfort post nipple correction surgery. The best position to sleep on your back during the scars healing period with supporting pillows around you.

Can I smoke after surgery?

How old do I need to be for inverted nipple correction surgery?

  • The ideal timing to perform a nipples correction surgery procedure is when the breasts are fully developed; not before you reach the age of 18 and sometimes it’s preferable if you are over 21 years old. That’s helping in getting a longer-lasting outcome from the nipples correction procedure.

Can I combine breast enlargement with inverted nipple correction?

  • If you think you need breast augmentation as well as inverted nipple correction, you will be happy to know that they can be easily combined in one surgery. Keep in mind that in that case, you’ll need to be under general anesthetic. Talk to Dr. Gittos about your needs and he will explain to you the best options for you to do such a combination.

Non-surgical alternatives for nipples repair surgery

There are some non-surgical methods that can be used for getting more projecting nipples such as:

1. The Hoffman technique: it is a manual technique that could pull out inverted nipples temporarily, but there are no proven studies whether it is an effective method. Its result could vary from one person to another. The technique goes as follows:

  • Place your thumbs at both sides of your nipple within the areola at the base of the nipple.
  • Press firmly into your breasts.
  • While pressing, slowly pull your thumbs away from each other.
  • Repeat these steps all around the nipple.

2. Suction Devices: simple devices that aim for reverse nipple inversion. They work by pulling out nipples into small cups that help nipples stay projecting for longer times. They can be used overnight while sleeping or during the daytime under clothing. These devices are effective if consistently used.

3. Niplette is a non-surgical device that can be worn to correct inverted nipples. The issue is that it must be worn consistently.

These techniques can be more effective with grade I or II nipple inversion.

4. Nipples piercing could be also done to undo nipple inversion. This is because the used jewellery in piercing helps keep the nipples in a project solution.

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Understanding Inverted Nipple surgery – What do the words mean? (Glossary)

  • Areola: the colored skin area around the nipple.
  • Breast Augmentation: Surgical enlargement of breasts.
  • Congenital: born with it.
  • General anesthesia: Administering drugs for total loss of consciousness used during surgical procedures
  • Hematoma: Bleeding beneath the skin
  • Local anesthesia: A drug injected directly to the site of an incision during an operation for numbing the operation site – you still remain conscious and aware of surgery.
  • Mammogram: An x-ray image of one or both breasts.
  • Mastectomy: breast tissue removal due to breast cancer.
  • Mastopexy: breast lifting surgery.
  • Scar: The result of the body’s natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged tissue.  Plastic surgery incision techniques may often hide or minimize any visible scars
  • Sutures: Stitches used during surgery to help wounds to heal and close.

Why choose Dr. Mark Gittos?

  • Dr. Mark Gittos is a leading Plastic Surgeon based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is also widely recognized in the UK and Europe as a leading specialist in the field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.
  • Dr. Mark Gittos offers high-quality, natural-looking cosmetic surgery results and is highly experienced in Breast, Body, and Face Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries.  With worldwide expertise, Dr. Gittos is an expert in breast, face, and body surgery for both men & women. He is also an expert at Skin and Hand Surgery, performing minor surgeries in his rooms.
  • He has a strong research and training background in breast reconstruction and extensive experience in plastic surgery of the breasts.

If you have inverted nipples and wish to have them repaired for good, if you want to know more about nipples repair surgery and answer all your questions please book a consultation.

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Dr Mark Gittos offers high quality, natural-looking cosmetic surgery results and is highly experienced in BreastBody and Face Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries in the last 26 years.  With world-wide expertise Dr Gittos is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men & women. 

Dr Mark Gittos is a leading Specialist Plastic Surgeon and operates a practice in Remuera, Auckland and in the UK. The practice focuses on both surgical and non-surgical procedures, each designed to help restore, improve or change a physical characteristic or problem. The first step in every case is to talk through your personal requirements and explore all the options, before deciding on the most effective solution.

Naturally, before any treatment is begun, we will explain clearly the advantages and risk factors; so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision that is best for you. Visit the practice to find out more.


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