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Arm Lift

Arm Lift Surgery or Brachioplasty Auckland

Arm Reduction Surgery for saggy upper arms by Auckland Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Gittos

Helping to restore youthful, toned contours to your arms, Dr. Mark Gittos is a Plastic Surgeon who specialises in arm lift or upper arm reduction surgeries at his Auckland practice.

Also known as ‘brachioplasty’, this procedure may be of benefit to you if you are self-conscious about the presence of excessive fat and/or redundant skin in the upper arms due to:

  • Normal ageing process
  • Post weight loss results
  • Overweight condition

What’s it like to have smaller, firmer upper arm skin after brachioplasty (arm reduction) arm lift surgery?

Upon successful post-surgery results, even simple things, like wearing a short sleeved or sleeveless top, or participating in social or exercise activities without worrying about your upper arm ‘flaps,’ can do wonders for your self-confidence and sense of fashion freedom.

“I love wearing different types of blouses now, and am definitely more comfortable in summer no longer wearing short sleeved shirts” is a common sentiment of Plastic Surgery patients who have chosen to have an upper arm reduction or “arm lift” procedure.

Dr Mark Gittos is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is dedicated to getting minimal scarring (using particular incision placement and suture methods to get ‘skinny scars’ as well as post-op scar healing protocols to help the incisions heal and minimise the scars

He has performed numerous Brachioplasty procedures and other body lift, breast lift and breast reduction procedures on men and women who have wanted to re-contour their breasts, bodies and arms.

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Arm Lift Surgical procedure

Brachioplasty patients naturally would like the scar to be restricted to the armpit, leaving a trim, more youthful arm and a small hidden scar. The unfortunate reality is that only the smallest amount of arm skin can be removed in  this way and for optimal results, the only effective solution is to make an incision all the way down the inner aspect of the arm to the elbow.

If the skin excess extends past the armpit and onto the chest wall then the excision is extended to incorporate this.

Excess fat in the arms is treated by liposuction  – In this case, a suction drain may be used for 24 hrs and compression will be applied.

Patients are discharged on the second post-operative day.

Recovery After An Arm Lift Surgery

For smooth and speedy healing post-surgery, Dr Gittos will provide you with comprehensive aftercare advice and factors to be aware of during the recovery period including:

Arms are kept elevated on pillows for the first few nights after the surgery

Limit arm movements for the first week

The surgical scar for arm lifts is not in a favourable anatomical location and tends to be  red for several months (even up to 6 – 12 months post-op). Thereafter the scar settles down nicely.

A scar revision will be performed if the scar becomes tight, producing discomfort on stretching the arm above the head

The procedure may need to be revised after 12 – 24 months due to recurrence of skin laxity as a result of continued ageing and natural relaxation of the tissues.


Meet Our Top NZ Surgeon for Body Surgery – Dr Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast)

Dr Mark Gittos offers high quality, natural-looking cosmetic surgery results and is highly experienced in Breast & Body Surgery having performed over 4000 Surgeries.  With world-wide expertise Dr Gittos is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men & women.

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