Arm Lift Surgery – Brachioplasty & Arm Reduction in Auckland New Zealand by Dr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon

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Arm Lift or Arm Reduction Surgery for saggy upper arms is performed by Auckland Plastic Surgeon and arm lift expert Dr Mark Gittos. The surgery may help restore youthful, toned contours to your arms if you are self-conscious about the presence of excessive fat and/or redundant skin in your upper arms due to significant weight loss results or skin laxity due to ageing,

What is an Upper Arm Lift ?

Upper Arm Lift Surgery, medically known as a Brachioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to help reduce flabby upper arm skin, sometimes called ‘bat wings’ or ‘bingo wings.’ It is also known as Upper Arm Reduction Surgery.

  • Bilateral Arm Lift Surgery can be beneficial for both women and men who have lost weight or skin elasticity and firmness in the upper arm area, which has left unsightly sagging skin or ‘flaps’.

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What are the benefits of Arm Lift Surgery?

An Upper Arm LIft can reduce what is commonly referred to as ‘bat wings’ or ‘bingo wings’ in the upper arm area and gives arms a leaner dimension and firmer appearance.

The surgery reduces loose, sagging skin around the upper arm area in addition to excess skin (skin folds) around the upper torso area.  The procedure helps reduce redundant, sagging upper arm skin. It may result in fewer or smaller scars for patients with a lesser degree of sagging upper arm skin.

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Am I a Good Candidate for an Arm Lift?

Arm Lift Surgery may be a great option to achieve a firmer, contoured upper arm area. The procedure may be appropriate for people with excess or visible sagging upper arm skin due to weight loss or ageing,

Significant weight loss through Bariatric Surgery or lifestyle changes often leaves behind redundant, sagging, wobbly upper arm skin or skin folds in various parts of the body. Exercise will help tone and tighten the underlying muscles, but will not help reduce the sagging skin that has resulted from the weight changes.

Brachioplasty Surgery, however, is not intended to take the place of exercise regimes or healthy eating. A good candidate must be at a stable weight and should have no underlying health issues.

Patients choosing an arm lift often combine other body reshaping procedures or a complete body makeover after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos

  • You can see photos of Arm lift Surgery when you visit the clinic for a consultation.

The Arm Lift Surgery Procedure

Brachioplasty patients naturally would like the scar to be restricted to the armpit, leaving a trim, more youthful arm and a small hidden scar. The unfortunate reality is that only the smallest amount of arm skin can be removed in this way and for optimal results, the only effective solution is to make an incision all the way down the inner aspect of the arm to the elbow. If the skin excess extends past the armpit and onto the chest wall then the excision is extended to incorporate this.

Excess fat in the arms is treated by liposuction  – In this case, a suction drain may be used for 24 hrs and compression will be applied. Patients are typically discharged 1 or 2 days after surgery. Sometimes Liposuction may also precede the arm lift surgery.

Excess skin is removed from the inner section of the arms. Incisions run from the armpit area towards the elbow. If the excess skin extends past the armpit and onto the chest wall, the incision is extended to incorporate this (an Extended Brachioplasty). The incision edges are then closed using stitches that are beneath the skin (dissolvable sutures, so that they do not need to be removed).

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Recovery from Arm Lift Surgery

The length of your recovery period will depend on your specific procedure and other health & lifestyle factors. Recovery times can vary significantly from person to person. The general rule, however, is that you should allow 4-6 weeks for recovery following your surgery.

You will need to work with Dr Gittos to allow for adequate and proper healing time. It is important to consult with your Surgeon before returning to daily activities such as driving and exercise.

It is also important to wear the post-operative compression garments throughout your recovery period (usually up to 6 weeks). Good results depend on a collaborative approach and a healthy lifestyle. You will need to be willing to follow the specific instructions given to you by your Surgeon, and attend all post-operative consultations.

Arm Lift Surgery Costs & fees – How much is an Arm Lift?

At your initial consultation, you will be given a detailed quote for your chosen procedure. This will include a Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee and the hospital fees.

Dr Gittos’ team will provide you a customised fee for your surgery depending on the type of procedure, hospital and how long you want to stay in hospital. An approximate fee range for your arm lift surgery can be provided over the phone when you speak to a Patient Care Advisor. We also provide information on different methods of payment.

Download Dr Mark Gittos’ Guide to Liposuction & Body Contouring

Guide Liposuction Surgery

Reducing & Minimising Arm Lift Surgery Scars

The best way to minimise your Arm Lift scars is to choose an experienced surgeon who hides the incision scar in the perfect place under the arm. This reduces the chances of seeing the scar from the front or back when arms are by your sides. Scars can take from 12-18 months to mature, but this can vary from patient to patient. Following Dr Gittos’s specific instructions and using silicone tapes and gels can also help you heal better and get a great aesthetic result.

Non Surgical Laser such as Laser and skin needling like Dermapen may be used to assist with healing and minimisation of surgical scars after about 6 to 8 weeks.

Risks and Complications of Arm lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery incurs risks and complications like any invasive surgery. It is wise to choose a highly trained, experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive knowledge on how to reduce your surgery risks.

Dr Gittos will discuss all potential complications with you during a consultation. For example, general anaesthesia, scarring and numbness, bleeding, infection, wound healing, deep vein thrombosis and more. There is also a risk of excessive scarring or keloid scars. Always try to be educated about recovery, rest, stay healthy, don’t smoke before or after your procedure and understand your risks fully.

What Armlift patients say

What’s it like to have smaller, firmer upper arm skin after brachioplasty (arm reduction) arm lift surgery? Upon successful post-surgery results, even simple things, like wearing a short sleeved or sleeveless top, or participating in social or exercise activities without worrying about your upper arm ‘flaps,’ can do wonders for your self-confidence and sense of fashion freedom. Post-Surgery Patients just love wearing different types of blouses and feeling more comfortable in summer no longer wearing long sleeved shirts.

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Please NOTE: Dr Gittos only performs surgery on non-smoker patients with a BMI less than 30. To check your BMI please visit the NZ Heart Foundation website. For help giving up smoking before surgery visit the Smoke Free website

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