Male Eyelid Lift FAQs – Questions about Blepharoplasty for Men

Questions and Answers with Dr Gittos about Male Eyelid Lift

With age, the eyelids can become puffier or even saggy. The Male Eyelid Lift Procedure can lift your eyelids and give you a fresher, younger look. But before undergoing an eyelid lift, you might want to find out all the details about the procedure. Here are some Male Eyelid Lift Surgery FAQs to help you get a better understanding about what’s involved in the procedure, the results to be expected and other important details.

Dr  Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast) offers the procedures of Upper Eyelid Lift for Men, Lower Eyelid Lift for Men and a combination of the two, to help his patients achieve the best possible results.

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Male Eyelid Lift FAQs – General Questions

What is blepharoplasty?

  • Blepharoplasty is another name for eyelid lift procedures. It is a procedure that removes extra skin and fat tissue found under the eyelid to restore its shape and functionality.

What is male blepharoplasty?

  • Male blepharoplasty is a blepharoplasty procedure performed on a man.

Are there different kinds of eyelid lift for men?

  • Yes, there are different kinds of eyelid lift procedures for men. There is the upper eyelid lift, the lower eyelid lift, the double eyelid lift and the Asian double eyelid surgery. Depending on the characteristics of the patient, the procedures can be performed for aesthetic or functional purposes.

What causes excess skin on the eyelid?

  • Extra skin on your eyelid may occur due to many causes. Hereditary factors, exposure to the sun, weakened eye muscles, reduced collagen production and morning fluid accumulation can all give your eyes that puffy, swollen look and cause the eyelid skin to stretch over time.

Can eyelids be lifted without surgery?

  • There are non-surgical procedures that can offer partial results by tightening or filling your eyelid or brow. There are dermal fillers that can reduce the aspect of fine and deep lines around the eyes and lasers that can tighten the skin to an extent. To get fully lifted eyelids, improve your peripheral vision and look years younger, it is recommended to find an experienced specialist plastic surgeon to give you an eyelid lift.

How do I get rid of droopy male eyelids?

  • The only truly efficient solution with long-lasting results to lift the eyelids is to get a male blepharoplasty. The procedure removes a thin portion of the skin and any fat tissue that may be causing puffiness or sagging.

Can you fix hooded male eyes?

  • Yes. A male eyelid lift can fix hooded male eyes. It can improve your look, your peripheral vision and can makes you look younger.

How do you get rid of a man’s puffy upper eyelids?

  • Both surgical and non-surgical procedures can help you get rid of puffy upper eyelids for men. The surgical procedure of male eyelid lift offers the best results. If your puffiness is present only in the morning, this is a case of overnight fluid accumulation and may not be fully corrected using a blepharoplasty procedure.

FAQs about the Benefits of Male Eyelid Lift Surgery

Does upper male eyelid surgery make you look younger?

  • The blepharoplasty intervention has high satisfaction rates among patients. Most patients report looking and feeling younger and happier after getting a blepharoplasty procedure.

Can Male Eyelid Lift make your eyes look bigger?

  • The male eyelid lift procedure does not increase the size of one’s eyes. However, since the saggy upper lid is lifted, your eyes might seem seem bigger.

Can eyelid lift remove my dark circles?

  • If the dark circles under your eyes are a result of shadowing due to under-eye bags, then yes, the eyelid lift can make dark circles less visible. If your dark circles come from circulatory issues, then the eyelid lift can yield marginal results in removing the dark circles.

FAQs about Eligibility for Male Eyelid Lift Surgery

At what age should you get a male eye lift?

  • There are no rules as to when you can get an eyelid lift. Most patients are usually older than 30 years old, but there are exceptions here as well. In general, older age groups may be more prone to ask for a male eyelid lift, due to the eyelid skin laxity and a loss of a part of the peripheral vision. In younger patients, the main concern is the aesthetic aspect of the saggy eyelid skin.

Who is a good candidate for male blepharoplasty?

  • You are a good candidate for the male blepharoplasty procedure if you:
    • have under-eye bags
    • puffy eyes
    • look tired
    • look sad
    • have excess skin around your eyes
    • have a loss of a part of the peripheral vision due to saggy eyelids
    • have discomfort with the way your eyes look
    • have realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved with a male eyelid lift

How do you know if you need a male eyelid lift?

  • If you have saggy or droopy male eyelids, reduced peripheral vision, discomfort due to the size or the volume of your eyelids, if you experience timidness or feel insecure because of your eyelids, then you should consult Dr Mark Gittos and discuss these concerns. In most cases, you will need to have eyelid surgery to enhance the aspect of the eye area.

Can I get a male eyelid lift if I smoke?

  •  Smoking restricts blood flow making any surgical procedure riskier and increasing the recovery time after any procedure. The same goes for the procedure of eyelid lift: restrictions in blood flow in these tissues can prolong the recovery time and significantly increase the chances for complications during the surgery. Avoid smoking to be eligible for the surgery and achieve the best possible results.

Can I get a male eyelid lift if I have wrinkles around my eyes?

  • Yes. You can get a male blepharoplasty even if you have wrinkles around your eyes. Although the eyelid lift procedure does not necessarily aim at reducing wrinkles around your eyes, it can make them less apparent by the mild lifting effect. If wrinkles around your eyes are a source of concern for you, you may consult Dr Mark Gittos to get surgical or non-surgical procedures to rejuvenate the aspect of the face.

Eyelid Lift for Men FAQs about Preparing for Surgery

What should I do before an eyelid lift?

  • You should make sure that you followed all pre-op instructions given by Dr Gittos. These recommendations may include suggestions related to food and drinks intake, getting a sufficient amount of sleep, some special recommendations related to the medication you may be taking, etc. Show up before the arranged time and avoid any stressors during the pre-op time.

What will the Surgeon ask me before the eyelid lift?

  • Dr Gittos may ask you about your medical history or even your family’s medical history. He may ask you questions about your lifestyle choices, diet, any habits you may have, including facial habits, as well as questions about any pre-existing, chronic conditions and medications you may be taking. A history of surgical procedures, especially plastic surgeries is very important, so make sure you discuss it in detail with your specialist plastic surgeon.

What do I need to bring to the surgery?

  • You need to bring any paperwork, any lab results and reports by other doctors you have seen before. A pair of sunglasses with a bigger, wider frame for extra protection, an ice pack or a cool pack may also be brought. You should be wearing loose, comfortable clothing, although you will be asked to change your clothes before the surgery. The loose clothing will be much easier to put on after the procedure.

Does somebody need to come with me to the eyelid lift surgery?

  • Yes, there should be one person of trust accompanying you. After the eyelid lift procedure, you will not be able to drive for at least a few days, so you need someone to pick you up and take you home. Some patients choose to also have a friend or a family member stay with them for a while after the surgery, as help around the house.
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Male Eyelid Lift FAQs about the Surgical Procedure

How long does an eyelid lift surgery for men take?

  • A male eyelid lift procedure can take about an hour to complete. Depending on the case, it may take longer. Dr Mark Gittos will be able to give you an estimate of the eyelid lift duration once he has examined you.

Is male eyelid surgery painful?

  • No. The blepharoplasty procedure is not painful. Eyelid lift for men is performed with either local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, as advised by your specialist plastic surgeon and you will not feel anything. Post-op, you might experience some discomfort that is easily alleviated with medication. Dr Mark Gittos will prescribe medication that you should take for a few days after the surgery.

Do I need general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia for male blepharoplasty?

  • Depending on your characteristics and personal preferences, Dr Gittos may suggest one or the other. In the majority of cases, a male eyelid lift is performed with local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation for your comfort.

Eyelid Lift for Men FAQs about Recovery

How long does it take to recover from male upper eyelid surgery?

  • The recovery after an eyelid lift is gradual: after about three days, you can drive, after five you can watch a little bit of TV. After about two weeks, you can go back to work. After three weeks, the recovery is complete.

Does male eyelid surgery leave scars?

  • As with any other surgical procedure, male eyelid lift surgery leaves scars. Dr Gittos will make sure that the scars are positioned in such a way that they are not visible. Due to the nature of the incision itself, the scars are very thin and barely visible.

How long is recovery after male blepharoplasty?

  • You can expect to take about two to three weeks off from work for a complete recovery after blepharoplasty.

How do you sleep after a male eyelid lift?

  • You should sleep in an inclined position, on your back, for the first few weeks after blepharoplasty.

Can I smoke after the eyelid lift?

  • You should not smoke after the eyelid lift. Smoking even days after the eyelid lift procedure slows down the recovery process by restricting blood flow to the area. Avoid smoking to keep complications at bay after blepharoplasty.

Can I drink after the eyelid lift?

  • After Dr Gittos gives you a clearance to do so, you may drink after the eyelid lift procedure. In general, alcohol should be avoided after the eyelid lift surgery because alcohol widens the blood vessels and can lead to bleeding from the site of the incision.

Can I work out after a male eyelid lift?

  • You should avoid any strenuous activities for at least three weeks after your eyelid lift procedure or as otherwise indicated by Dr Gittos.

Can I wash my hair after blepharoplasty?

  • You can wash your hair 5-7 days after the blepharoplasty procedure.

When can I see the results after the surgery?

  • You should be able to start seeing the results of your blepharoplasty three weeks after the procedure, when the swelling and bruising subside. The results refine over time. Expect to see the final results of your surgery in two to three months after the procedure was performed.

Can I watch TV or work at the computer after blepharoplasty?

  • You should avoid TV, computers, laptops and even cellphone for at least 5 days after the procedure. Dr Gittos may recommend even longer avoidance of artificial light sources that can affect your eyes.

Will my eyes feel tight after an eyelid lift?

  • Yes, the feeling of tightness is normal for the first few days after an eyelid lift procedure and it will gradually fade away.

When can I wear contact lenses after surgery?

  • Do not wear contact lenses until the recovery is complete – generally speaking, three weeks should be enough to make a complete recovery.

Will the scars be visible after an eyelid lift?

  • No. The scars after an eyelid lift procedure are thin and positioned in such a way that they cannot be seen.

Should I avoid the sun after an eyelid lift?

  • Yes, you should avoid direct sunlight or any other strong sources of light for a week or two at least.

Can I wear SPF Sunscreen after eyelid lift?

  •  In general, nothing should be applied to your eyes for at least two or three weeks post-op. Dr Gittos might make an exception with topical pain relievers here.

Male Eyelid Lift FAQs about Longer-Term Results

How long does the result of a male eyelid lift last?

  • The results of a male eyelid lift are expected to last up to 10 years. This number can change as it depends on several factors: how well you take care of your skin, your age, lifestyle choices as well as the extent of the initial surgery.

Is male eyelid surgery permanent?

  • The results of a male eyelid lift procedure are expected to last 10 years. The extra, saggy tissues are permanently removed, but the sagginess may return after years due to the natural ageing process.

How can I make eyelid lift surgery results last longer?

  • Good diet, avoidance of sunlight, wearing SPF and taking good care of your skin are good ways to make your eyelid lift for men surgery results last longer.

Can I have more than one blepharoplasties?

  • Yes, you may have a revision blepharoplasty or even a repeated procedure if required.

Male Eyelid Lift FAQs about Risks and Concerns

What are the risks of male eyelid surgery?

  • As with any other cosmetic surgery procedure, there are some risks and complications involved. You may experience some bleeding, numbness or loss of sensitivity in the skin of the eyelid. Some discomfort, mild pain, swelling and eye dryness are to be expected as well. In rare cases, infections can occur at the incision site. These may prolong your recovery time and can easily be avoided by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon and following aftercare advice.

Can something go wrong during eyelid lift?

  • If you choose the right specialist plastic surgeon, you can expect good results. Some complications may include eye dryness, swelling, irritated eyes, bleeding and a temporary loss of sensitivity around the incision.

Can I go blind from eyelid lift?

  • Going blind after an eyelid lift procedure would demand serious complications during the surgery. Usually this can happen in an unsafe environment. The procedure of eyelid lift does not interfere with your eyeballs or the optical nerve, which are both crucial for sight.

Does blepharoplasty leave scars?

  • Blepharoplasty leaves thin, barely visible scars. Patients, in general, do not need any scar-revision procedures.

Eyelid Lift Surgery for Men Funding FAQs

Does health insurance pay for blepharoplasty?

  • In general, insurance does not pay for cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. If your surgery is performed for functional purposes, your may get partial coverage. Keep in mind that you should check the eligibility criteria for the rebate before scheduling your procedure.

Is it worth getting male eyelid surgery?

  • Yes, patients report feeling better, younger and looking happier than before the surgery. Realself Patient Surveys indicate a high level of satisfaction with the surgery.

Can I get financing for blepharoplasty?

Next Steps for a Male Eyelid Lift

If you feel that your eyelids are too saggy, increased in volume or size and that this impacts your life in any meaningful way, you should consider having a male blepharoplasty or male eyelid lift. Schedule a consultation with  Dr  Mark Gittos FRACS(Plast) and see how he can help you restore both the looks and the functionality of your eyelids to what they used to be. 

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