Mini Boob Job – A Solution for Smaller, Athletic and Lean Women

The Mini Boob Job – When the Small-Sized Breast Implants Are the Ideal Option

It is true that breast implants are used to give the breasts a more voluptuous look, but this doesn’t mean that the implants should be huge. Bigger implants are not always better, at least not for all patients! The result of the breast augmentation surgery should reflect the desires of the patient and the procedure should also be customised for each patient’s specific anatomy. In some cases, a Mini Boob Job might be an alternative.

A large cleavage doesn’t always suit a petite frame, and is often not preferred by naturally lean, athletic women. Breast implants can help you achieve a subtle, curvy figure without looking over dramatic or ‘fake’. If you’re a petite woman looking for a breast enhancement procedure – the Mini Boob Job might be the optimal solution for you!

Do you ever look at Hollywood A-listers and wish you too had a perfect body like them? Have you always longed for some curves on your slender frame? Breast augmentation surgery usually gives women large boobs that are very noticeable and might not look entirely natural. If it’s the natural look you desire– then the Mini Boob Job might be perfect for you.

No more feeling overly conscious about being pigeon-chested, or about your lack of curves. A Mini Boob Job aims to create the perfect bust that gives you a more feminine, and fuller look but in a subtle, discreet way. These implants have recently been introduced to the world of cosmetic surgery, keeping in view the requirements and personal preferences of the petite women.

Dr Mark Gittos is a breast surgery expert and Plastic Surgeon in New Zealand who has helped hundreds of patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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What Is a Mini Boob Job?

There was a time when the term breast augmentation surgery was synonymous with going back home with much larger and heavier boobs. However, we have now started noticing a great shift in interest amongst women. Many of our patients now prefer a more natural look, rather than going over the top with something that looks unreal. The trend now points in the direction of implants that are significantly smaller than the ones we’ve used in the past.

Thus, the ‘Mini Boob Job’ or the ‘Mini Breast Augmentation’ became more and more popular among patients who want a natural look, but a noticeable improvement in overall body shape and aesthetics.

When you hear the words Breast Augmentation, you too probably think about very large, very full breasts that pretty much everyone knows aren’t real. While they make some women look great, they’re certainly not preferred by everyone. For instance, women with smaller, slender frames choose not to go for large-sized implants knowing that their bodies might look out-of-proportion post-surgery. Moreover, opting for bigger implants means stepping in the direction of a pretty big change – a gamble, if you will. This is where Mini Boob Jobs comes into the picture.

If you’re naturally flat or pigeon-chested, have a lean, athletic physique and are looking to get breast enhancement that is not ‘in-your-face’ obvious – you might want to get a Mini Boob Job, or small-sized breast implants.

How Is a Mini Boob Job Different Than Breast Augmentation?

When it comes to breast augmentation, there isn’t much of a difference between a mini and a regular procedure. The primary difference lies in the size of the implant, and also the pocket that is surgically created to accommodate the implant. Here are a few facts:

  • The size of implants used for Mini Boob Jobs is only 150-275cc
  • The type and material of the implant may also be different based on your preference, or as indicated by the surgeon
  • For larger sized implants, there needs to be a certain amount of glandular natural tissue present on the chest to support the implants – simply put, if a big implant is placed in a relatively flat chest, there are more chances of getting unsatisfactory results after the surgery
  • Implant failure can manifest as ‘bottoming out’ of the implant, or the stretching or rippling of the skin

During standard breast augmentation procedures, the size of implants that we typically use is between 275-400 cc. The size of implants that we use for Mini Boob Jobs however is always lower than 275 cc, and ranges between 150-275 cc depending upon your personal preference and body type.

The surgery is very similar to standard breast augmentation procedures. The difference lies in three main areas:

  • The size of the implant
  • The type of implant used
  • The pocket-size, or the final positioning of the smaller implant

We don’t usually recommend mini boob jobs to just about everyone because they may not make a visible difference on some body types. With leaner, more petite frames, however, smaller implants can create just the right effect. While some women may prefer implants that result in larger, more prominent curves – others may want the ‘less is more’ impact with a smaller cleavage that fits a smaller frame.

Best Candidates for Smaller Breast Implants Surgery

The mini boob job appeals more to patients with a leaner, slender or a more petite body frame. You’ll notice that professional athletes, for instance, have a relatively small physique and therefore, a natural-looking breast enhancement suits their lifestyle, routine and their frame, in general.

This surgery delivers more volume and a better shape in a subtle yet impactful manner without dramatically changing the aspect of the body. The Mini Boob Job may be ideal for you if you have a small amount of natural glandular tissue in your breast which doesn’t offer the right shape or volume that you need. Smaller implants work best in this situation because larger implants can only be used if there is a certain amount of glandular tissue on the breasts to properly cover the implants.

It is common knowledge that the larger the size of the implant, the greater is the risk of premature sagging or ‘bottoming out’ of the prosthesis. Keeping this information in view, if you have a petite frame, then smaller implants can definitely offer you better results.

The Results of a Mini Boob Job

As we’ve mentioned before, the Mini Boob Job surgery appeals more to women with a leaner physique, but that’s not necessarily always the case. It can give just about anyone more volume and a better shape in the form of very natural-looking breasts.

To get the best results from your boob job, it’s important to be aware and prepared for the intervention. Prior to the procedure, during the consultation session, Dr Gittos will take into consideration your expectations from the surgery, your general body type, height, weight, overall condition of the skin, and the amount of natural glandular breast tissue present. Dr Gittos will then tell you what type and size of implant is best suited for you, based on your personal preference, as well as your body type.

If you want to achieve natural results, it is important to choose a surgeon with the right qualifications and experience. A professional, licensed plastic surgeon can help you choose the right implant and the right size that will work best for you.

FAQs about Mini Boob Job

Why is it better for slender women to opt for Mini Boob Jobs instead of standard breast augmentation surgery?

  • Apart from the fact that smaller breast implants look more natural and beautiful on lean body types, Dr Gittos may also recommend this procedure to you for specific reasons. Larger implants may be too big or too heavy for your delicate glandular tissue to support. This can cause damage to your skin, and eventually result in unsatisfactory results after the surgery. When it comes to breast implants, in some cases, less is more. If you don’t want your boobs to look huge and heavy on your otherwise petite frame, it’s always better to choose a Mini Boob Job. You’ll get the curves you want, but in a subtle, delicate, feminine and equally attractive way!

Why are smaller breast implants more suitable for certain women?

  • You must have heard the popular saying ‘less is more’ which applies to the Mini Boob Job surgery. You might wonder whether the procedure is worth the money considering the fact that it will give you just a minor augmentation. However, it is important to understand that size does matter when it comes to implants. And if you have a small, petite, slender body frame and you get big implants that are not suitable for your frame, you might develop issues associated with overly large breasts. Patients who have undergone breast reduction procedures can tell you about the countless social concerns, pains and physical inconveniences that overly big breasts can bring. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes – and while many women may prefer larger, more voluminous boobs, others like them be to more subtle and natural-looking. Let’s consider an example. A professional athlete’s body is already quite lean from top to bottom and therefore large implants on this frame may not be practical, or suitable for her lifestyle/routine. This is why women with a petite body frame tend to opt for smaller implants that give just the right amount of volume to the breasts, as well as a subtle, but enhanced shape that looks and feels great!

How do I choose a Mini Boob Job?

  • Cosmetic procedures are all about helping you achieve the best version of yourself, and a Mini Boob Job can do just that, provided that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. During the initial consultation with Dr Gittos you will discuss the details of the intervention, as well as your eligibility for the procedure. Before deciding to undergo a mini breast augmentation surgery, make sure to ask  questions and address all concerns that you may have regarding the procedure so you feel 100% comfortable walking into the office on the day of the surgery. Remember, an important factor to a successful plastic surgery procedure is the talent and experience of the plastic surgeon you choose. You need a licensed, experienced surgeon who will patiently explain to you the difference between regular and small sized implants, and which type suits you best.

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Finding a Breast Augmentation Surgeon in New Zealand

For many women in New Zealand, having breast augmentation is a life-changing experience. There are many qualified doctors, but it is always best to find one who is experienced in breast augmentation procedures. Breast implants come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are various insertion techniques, so find a reputable practitioner who can give good advice on the right implants for you. Before considering breast implants, it is wise to find a surgeon who is also up to speed with new non-invasive techniques for boosting the breasts, so you can investigate all the options before deciding on permanent surgical implants. Please avoid choosing a cheaper overseas option that lacks the ongoing support that a New Zealand surgeon provides.

Always look for an experienced surgeon that you feel comfortable with and get a second opinion. If you’re still indecisive about the procedure, feel free to get in touch with our team.
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