Are Bigger Breasts Always Better?

Choosing Large Breast Implants

Are bigger breasts always better? Find out whether big breast implants suit your body type and cosmetic goals. Bigger implants can help your breasts look fuller, rounder, and better defined. Aside from increasing your sex appeal, bigger breasts can also give your self-confidence a boost. If you want to get your desired breast profile, you can undergo a breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation with Dr Gittos, you may ask whether going for bigger breasts will suit your body type and deliver the expected results. While bigger implants may seem enticing, size does matter – there are things that you need to consider with overly large breasts.

Dr Mark Gittos is a breast surgery expert and Plastic Surgeon in New Zealand who has helped hundreds of patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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In most cases, implants are considered ‘large’ when they are above 350 ccs.  However, ‘less is often more’ when it comes to breast implants – and more likely to be long-lasting with fewer complications – in terms of choosing moderate or smaller-sized implants compared to super-sized breast implants. Anything above 275 cc to 300 cc could be considered large for some individuals (and for an extremely petite person, even a 200 cc implant might be considered very large for their overall body proportion balance).

Motiva Breast Implants are available in a range of sizes to suit every breast – up to a very large 880cc breast implant.

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Reasons to Choose Large Breast Implants

For some, going up one or two breast sizes may be aesthetically pleasing. The common reasons for choosing larger breast implants are:

  • Advice from friends: your friends might tell you to go for bigger breasts because it’s more noticeable. While some of their opinions may matter, it’s you who will still decide regarding your desired breast profile
  • Fashion trend: bigger breasts are “in”. That‘s why there is an increase in the number of breast augmentation procedures in the past few years. For instance, you may notice that most swimsuit models and showbiz personalities have larger breast size – this has become a social norm and it’s influencing how people perceive one’s body
  • Psychological reasons: If you are born with a small breast size, you may resort to options that can provide you with the ultimate cosmetic solution to your problem. Undergoing a body transformation can be an achievement for some patients.

Factors to Consider When Getting Large Breast Implants

Dr Gittos will assess and discuss with you the following factors during your breast implant surgery consultation

  • Chest size
  • Distance between your nipples
  • Height of your torso
  • Location of the implants
  • Position of your breast with regards to your rib cage
  • Shape of your rib cage
  • Size of your hips
  • Size of your natural breasts
  • Skin elasticity
  • Your existing breast tissue
  • Your desired breast shape or size
  • Your lifestyle or profession
  • Your overall body shape and proportions
  • Your overall height and weight

Disadvantages of Bigger Breast Implants

  • Bigger breast implants are heavy: it’s common to gain a small amount of weight following your breast augmentation surgery because a foreign object is implanted inside your breasts. As a result, it may affect your daily activities. Specifically, it may prevent you from performing vigorous exercises such as running, jumping, or others. Therefore, it is best to ask Dr Gittos and lay down all your concerns during your consultation to determine the best breast implant size for you
  • Body movements can cause your breasts to sag over time: when performing your daily routine, gravity forces the implants and your natural breast tissue to move away from your chest in a downward motion. Over time, this stretches and weakens the breast tissue that causes your breasts to sag. Therefore, the bigger your breast implants are, the faster your skin might lose elasticity
  • Bigger breast implants can look unnatural: while a bigger breast profile can make you more noticeable, it can lead to the perception that your breasts are fake and unnatural. It may become too obvious that you had breast augmentation surgery to improve your breast size
  • Bigger breast implants are more prone to rupture: unlike smaller breast implants, bigger breast implants are more prone to rupture. When a leak occurs, it may not be noticed immediately until symptoms start to occur. As a result, you may need to undergo corrective/revision surgery, later on, to improve your breast profile and prevent complications. This is because the material of the implant can interact with the surrounding breast tissue and spread to local lymph nodes. Dr Gittos may recommend breast implant removal in case this complication occurs
  • Back and neck pain associated with breast implants can be a problem: bigger breast implants can cause added tension on the muscles of your back and neck due to their heavy weight. As a result, you may experience muscle pain in these areas from time to time
  • Shoulder grooves from bra straps are common: due to the weight of your breast implants, your standard bra may not support the implants which in turn create shoulder grooves
  • Wrinkles or ripples around the breast area can occur: bigger breast implants stretch the breast tissue in order to accommodate them. Over time, wrinkles and ripples can develop around the breast area
  • A change in lifestyle is recommended: if you are an athlete or are physically active, then you may need to change your lifestyle after your breast augmentation. You may need to limit activities that put more pressure on your breasts to reduce the incidence of breast sagging and implant rupture.

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