Heavy Breasts - Breast Reduction by Top plastic surgeon Dr Mark Gittos

Neck Ache or Back Ache From Large Heavy Breasts? – A Breast Reduction may help

Benefits of a Breast Reduction Mammaplasty Do you have large heavy breasts? Suffering from Back Ache or Neck Pain? Interested in Breast Reduction Surgery? Heavy Breasts that are too large can create a number of problems. Neck pain, shoulder pain, backaches, and migraines are only some of the things that large breasts or macromastia can
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Mini boob job

Mini Boob Job – perfect curves for smaller, athletic and lean ladies

The Mini Boob Job – Small-sized breast implants for a more proportionate look For years now a misconception has clouded the minds of many women around the world – the misconception that breast implants are only meant to give you a heavier, more voluptuous look. While many implants do help achieve this particular figure –
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