Feelings and Emotions after plastic surgery

Feelings and Emotions After Cosmetic Surgery

Emotional Rollercoaster After Surgery The period after undergoing a plastic surgery intervention can be accompanied by an emotional rollercoaster. You can experience different emotions after cosmetic surgery, from anxiety to excitement. Being aware of potential mood swings after plastic surgery is important as it can help you navigate this period easier. Dr Mark Gittos is
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Physical Exercises After Breast Augmentation Surgery

What Exercises Are Recommended During Recovery After Breast Implants Surgery? Are you suffering from shoulder or chest tightness following your breast augmentation surgery? Do these discomforts prevent you from being productive at work or impair your daily activities? While they are normal and expected after a breast augmentation surgery, performing specific exercises can have a
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Recovery After Breast Augmentation

What to Expect During Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Speed Up the Healing Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery Tips and techniques for recovery after breast augmentation. Knowing what to expect after your surgery can help reduce anxiety and improve your healing. You can help improve your surgical results by following your post-operative instructions closely. Here are some ideas to help. Dr Mark Gittos is
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Silicone Strips After Plastic Surgery

Do Silicone Strips Reduce Plastic Surgery Scars?

Silicone Strips for Post-Operative Scar Treatment Plastic surgery always leaves a mark – scar formation on the incision site is an inevitable consequence of the wound healing process after cosmetic surgery. Depending on the type of procedure, long or visible scars can develop. While most scars will fade and become less prominent after several months
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