MOTIVA ® Breast Implants

Why You Should Choose Motiva Breast Implants Over Other Implant Brands? Your desired cosmetic results, body type, skin elasticity, and preferences are just some of the things to consider when planning to undergo breast implant surgery. Aside from these, there’s another important thing to consider and that’s deciding on the type and brand of the
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Physical Exercises After Breast Augmentation Surgery

What Exercises Are Recommended During Recovery After Breast Implants Surgery? Are you suffering from shoulder or chest tightness following your breast augmentation surgery? Do these discomforts prevent you from being productive at work or impair your daily activities? While they are normal and expected after a breast augmentation surgery, performing specific exercises can have a
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Recovery After Breast Augmentation

What to Expect During Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Speed Up the Healing Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery Tips and techniques for recovery after breast augmentation. Knowing what to expect after your surgery can help reduce anxiety and improve your healing. You can help improve your surgical results by following your post-operative instructions closely. Here are some ideas to help. Dr Mark Gittos is
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MENTOR ®  Breast Implants: Find the Best Breast Implant For You

Mentor Breast Implants in New Zealand Quality Breast Implants and Breast Surgery by Dr Mark Gittos Plastic Surgeon NZ Have you been thinking about getting a boob job or breast implant surgery? Then you’ve probably heard of MOTIVA and MENTOR Breast Implants, two very well-known and trusted implant brands. Dr Gittos only uses the BEST
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Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts Surgery for Puffy Nipples

Effective Treatment for Puffy Nipples and Smaller, Pointy Breasts It’s true that the natural breast shape varies between one woman and another. However, women who have “tuberous” or “tubular” breasts may show a more extreme difference in one or both breasts. If your breasts are smaller than normal, with pointy or puffy nipples, you may
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